Re-Discovering Hipstamatic

30 August 19

Posted at 9:31

Ten nights in Ibiza and I stupidly decided to leave the camera at home knowing you will be able capture beautiful landscape shots along with the traditional family holiday snaps. I have the iPhone XS but I decided be ring along an old Canon Digital IXUS 70 point and shoot with built in flash. I wished I left this at home and just used the iPhone which was far superior in day light.

Going through the various apps I have I came across Hipstamatic. I have not used this app in years. It has great filters and the quality is good but my only problem is their are far too many choices to make. Too many lens choices and film filers. I don't mind a few for the fun factor but I don't want to be wasting time trying to get the combination right, also it only shoots 1:1 (Square) well that's what I thought until I started to re-discover Hipstamatic. You now have the option to shoot various frame dimensions. With this in mind I thought I would give Hipstamtic another go and glad I did. It's a great app. It also stores the original picture on the iPhone Camera roll. Give it a go and have fun. Choose the Hipstamatic pre-pak combinations to save time.

A few snaps from the Hipstamatic App

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