New Instagram Account

08 August 19

Posted at 10:53

I'm sure most of you know and would have heard I now have switched Instagram Accounts. I created @RobinLDN many years ago not knowing where or how far my photography would go and I have been so lucky and fortunate to have met some amazing influential people along the way who have given me advice and helped me progress as a photographer. Back in February I re-posted an image which obviously did not cause offence first time round but did when I posted for Flashback Friday. The image was instantly deleted and I'm not sure if this is official but searching online it would appear I was put on a shadow ban. This means my images that I would upload would not appear in followers feeds or under the hash tags I attached it to. Unfortunately you are unable to contact anyone at Instagram so I set up a new account and uploaded the same picture and I got more interaction under my new account with 5000 less followers so here I am. I've decided to ditch the old account and concentrate on my new one @RobinPopePhoto - It's almost like I'm re-branding. Please check it and if you like my work previously on my old account please give me a follow.

Instagram @RobinPopePhoto