World COPD Day 2018

20 November 18

Posted at 9:42

21 November 2018 World COPD Day (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)



My mum passed away 23 March 2018 from an horrible illness that not a lot of people know about. My mum definitely lived life to the full and even during her final stages she would be joking with everyone. 

Her catch phrase to anyone who asked how she was feeling was "I'm still dodging the undertaker"

Last Saturday my family had put on a quiz night in memory of my mum. It was a night of celebration but also to raise much needed funds and awareness for the British Lung Foundation and MacMillan nurses who had been amazing during my mum’s final stages and the support they gave to family and friends.

We managed to raise £1600. Each charity receiving £800.
To coincide with the quiz I have written a short piece on COPD, my mums journey and my lack of knowledge of an illness so serious. It's World COPD Day and thank you to Nancy at the British Lung Foundation who helped me share my story to raise awareness.
Click on the link below