World COPD Awareness Day 2017

16 November 17

Posted at 1:44

The condition, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is thought to affect around 11 million people and is the third biggest killer in America.

Raising awareness for World COPD 2017 I thought I would share a recent portrait of my mum who is a COPD sufferer and share some of her words.


This woman is an inspiration to so many for various reasons. Full of life and loves her family to bits especially her three Grandchildren. She dotes on my 3 year old son Henry no matter how much pain she is going through. 

What is COPD. It stands for Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease a type of obstructive lung disease characterised by long-term breathing problems and poor airflow. The main symptoms include shortness of breath and cough with sputum production. COPD is a progressive disease, meaning it typically worsens over time. I have taken a few portraits of my mum during this time but felt this portrait details how her daily life looks like.

For most of the day oxygen passes through tubes to help her breathe. I asked my mum to tell me about her life since being diagnosed with COPD to go with this portrait and this is what she said.

Years ago a doctor saw her and said COPD would happen if she doesn't stop smoking but she thought it was jargon to get her to stop and even though she wanted to she couldn't do it and because she thought she couldn't she didn't. Many years on the doctor eventually told her she has COPD, an illness she describes not to wish on her worse enemy. The suffering is painful and not being able to breathe is very scary for her and brings a lot of anxiety. Always in and out of hospital with various breathing related illnesses. I remember being on holiday and she managed to gather the whole holiday village up one early Sunday morning to play sports. Today she is unable to do most things and has oxygen at home. She gave up smoking ten years ago and paying the price for it now. If at least one person gives up from reading this then I know my mum will be pleased.